Top 10 Pharma Influencers You May Not Know, But Should

Top 10 Pharma Influencers You May Not Know, But Should

Keeping Up with Pharmaceutical Industry Trends with These Influencers

Just like with many other industries, pharmaceutical industry trends are exposed on many platforms across social media outlets on a daily basis. Pharma customers are no stranger to social dynamics, and they often share experiences they have had with the pharma industry with others in online communities.

And, their favorite topic to discuss is often the side effects, and effectiveness of pharma products.

This means that pharma marketing influencers have unique obstacles to overcome when it comes to staying on top of industry trends and news, so it’s paramount that they are able to carefully navigate the digital realm of social media to stay up to date with industry policies and regulations while still being a great source of information for their own online communities.

Following are ten of the best pharma influencers you should be following on social media:

  1.       Ryan Billings

Ryan Billings is the Senior Director of the Digital Innovation department at AMAG Pharmaceuticals. He is also the CX director at AstraZeneca. An expert in social media, the customer experience, pop culture and more, he is able to take his well-rounded view of the world and apply it successfully to all things pharma. Recently named one of MM&M’s 2018 Transformers, Billings has spent most of his career in the realm of health tech. He’s also handled social strategy for Merck and is the mind behind the Facebook communities for Crestor and Nexium. Keep tabs on Ryan Billings and be sure to follow this influencer on Twitter.

  1.       Mike Wood

As the Editor and Portal Business Manager for, Mike Wood has proven himself as a keen tech follower and guru of digital marketing in pharma. He has an incredible ability to dig deep and bring to light the stories making waves in the industry that others easily overlook. is considered the leading pharma portal in Europe – and for good reason. It’s the premier source of global pharma news, events, articles, and more, including a job board. Don’t miss a beat and be sure to follow Mike Wood’s work on and on Twitter.

  1.       Chris Iafolla

With almost 3,000 Twitter followers and just as many tweets going out on a consistent basis, Chris Iafolla is a social and digital healthcare leader for Marina Maher Communications. His expertise includes experience developing U.S. and global marketing strategies; he’s also a master of information on a broad range of therapeutic diseases including oncology, diabetes, mental health, rare diseases, and more. As a renowned public relations professional, he’s also developed programs for B2B companies in technology. Chris Iafolla is currently the Group Senior Vice President of Brand Engagement at Marina, and you can follow him on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

  1.       Gabor Gyarmati

Gabor Gyarmati is the Founder of Health 2.0 Hungary, a health and pharma marketing solutions and online communication consultancy. Digital marketing is massively popular in pharma marketing lately, and Gyarmati is right in front leading the way to the most important inside information regarding it. From dishing out the scoop on which social media platforms are declining in popularity with teens to rounding up info on the best digital marketing tools of the year, he’s the go-to guy for up-to-the-minute worldwide trends in pharma marketing and more. Catch him on Twitter and try to keep up!

  1.       Daniel Kudryashov

With a decade of healthcare experience as a specialist in heart failure, Dr. Kudryashov is also a clinical pharmacist with a long association with the USC Keck School of Medicine-USC School of Pharmacy, where he served as Adjunct Assistant Professor and Chief Resident Pharmacist. Currently, he is the Transitions of Care & Pharmacy Student Experiential Program Coordinator. With a seat right in such a hotspot of innovation at USC, he knows what’s worth your time and attention as a pharma marketer. With 114,000 followers on Twitter, Kudryashov retweets the tweets that matter and offers his own superior insight on the industry as well.

  1.       Meg Tirrell

Meg Tirrell is best known as a Pharma and BioTech reporter for CNBC. As the only public figure on the list, she consistently brings her fans and followers up to date on the latest trends shaping the future of pharma. Tirell’s timeline on Twitter resembles a full-featured list of valuable interviews and resources with CEOs and other executives in the industry. It’s her access to these high-ranking influencers that sets her apart from others who don’t have the heavy backing that she does. Putting her access to Northwestern University’s School of Journalism to good work, she keeps her 40,000 followers in the know in pharma news. Follow her on Twitter and gain insight that only her access to such influential pharma figures provides.

  1.       Dr. Richard Jähnke

As one of the highest-ranking people within the Global Pharma Health Fund, Dr. Jähnke runs its Twitter account – which is incredibly popular for its powerful information on the current state of the pharma industry. Much of that information pertains to the developing world with statistics from firsthand researchers and field workers with Merck and GPHF. The Global Pharma Health Fund’s timeline on Twitter is one to follow to consult when you need an honest account of the current standing of the industry.

  1.       Ezgi Tasdemir

A former cancer researcher turned Pharma pro, Ezgi Tasdemir tweets regularly about the medical world. She is a regional marketing director in Switzerland for global healthcare company Novartis, which aims to address the needs of patients around the world. Tasdemir’s position with Novartis strengthens her position as a major pharma influencer and healthcare industry disruptor with thousands of followers. Become one of those followers on Twitter and lock in your place as a marketer with access to the very best information out there on the pharma world and news that matters.

  1.       Paul Tunnah

Paul Tunnah is the CEO and Founder of Pharmaphorum, which is a comprehensive pharma news outlet on Twitter and in the online world in general. Tunnah handles tweets for the Phorum account, as well as the Deep Dive digital magazine. With 16,000 pharma followers on Twitter, original interviews, curated news stories and more, followers are informed on a regular basis of breaking happenings in the pharmaceutical industry. Follow Paul Tunnah on the Pharmaphorum page of Twitter, for which he has worked more than eight years to build.

  1.   Barby Ingle

This renowned author of The Pain Code: Walking Through the Minefield of the Health System knows what it’s like to be in chronic pain. It was this pain that helped her become intricately woven with the healthcare system, from medications to therapies and everything in between. Ingle resonates with her 26,000+ followers on a broad basis and is clearly an industry influencer, thanks to her advocacy for the patient side of the pharma and health industries. Follow her on Twitter and get the scoop on the patient’s perspective to understand both sides of the pharma industry.

For even more up-to-date information, news, and take-aways on the pharmaceutical industry trends that are shaping healthcare around the globe, attend a pharma conference taking place in your area.


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