The 5 Best Pharma Marketing Podcasts You Shouldn’t be Missing

The 5 Best Pharma Marketing Podcasts You Shouldn’t be Missing

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In today’s fast-paced competitive pharma industry, marketers consistently take on the challenge of capturing the attention of patients, physicians, and other HCPs – it’s a task that is ever-changing and often complex. While pharma marketing specialists are gradually adopting digital marketing as a go-to method to reach their goals, they would also do well to pursue the latest health marketing trends and news to sharpen their skills, their awareness of the industry, and their marketing strategies.

One of the most valuable ways pharma marketers can do this is by faithfully listening to podcasts – but not just any podcast about the pharmaceutical industry will do. Here are five of the very best podcasts that all pharma marketers should add to their listening lists to stay ahead of the competition:

  1.       Everyone Hates Marketers

Advertisers who are overly aggressive, pushy, and otherwise rude aren’t appreciated by people; patients who are searching for healthcare information, especially when they are also dealing with their own health complications, don’t need the added stress of aggressive advertising. This podcast offers a straight-talk approach blended with a more human touch in marketing; the lessons are designed for tech-based audiences, but healthcare and pharma marketers can gain plenty of valuable take-aways from Everyone Hates Marketers. The host is Louis Grenier, whose most popular podcasts are those in which he has conversations with legends like Rand Fishkin and Seth Godin.

  1.       Patient Engagement Podcast

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) presents this new podcast series, which delves into the growing field of patient engagement and centricity. The first four podcast episodes explore the topics of the Blue Button Initiative, online mental health services, e-engaging parents and teen sin pediatric practices, and systems of care for substance abuse. With it’s overwhelmingly positive beginnings, Patient Engagement Podcast is sure to have more key insights to offer as it ventures forward.

  1.       The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast has been around for a handful of years, and has also topped several “best” lists for just as long. No list of pharma marketing podcasts is complete without including it! It’s not strictly a marketing show, and Ferriss is infamous for his interviews with an impressive slew of actors, entrepreneurs, executives, journalists, and even chefs regarding their successes in their respective industries. Be sure to subscribe to The Tim Ferriss Show to stay updated on all the inside info on marketing.

  1.       HBR Ideacast

Few institutions can pack podcasts full of such valuable information like HBR Ideacast does. This particular podcast belongs to the Harvard Business Review, and it features big, bold, innovative ideas on business and technology that are ideally suited for anyone, especially those in the marketing or management of a hospital or network of medical facilities. Learn brilliant tips on everything from being a better leader to business strategy and building a competitive edge with the HBR Ideacast.

  1.       Pharmacy Podcast

There isn’t one professional in the pharma industry who wouldn’t benefit from listening to this podcast. The Pharmacy Podcast explores a huge range of topics in pharma, including the very latest pharmacy trends. In addition, the show’s hosts zero in on pharma marketing once a month, during which time they not only analyze and discuss the biggest changes over the last decade or so, but they also forecast future pharma marketing trends. If you work in pharma, you won’t want to miss the Pharmacy Podcast.

With so many experts to help listeners procure significant information on pharmaceutical trends, tips, and news, it’s no wonder that so many industry professionals, especially marketing gurus, turn to podcasts. It’s also advised that marketers take advantage of pharma marketing seminars and conferences to further their networking reach and stay in line with pharma news and trends as they develop. Discover a conference that interests you and reserve your spot without delay; seating often fills up quickly at these popular pharma events.


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