The 10 Best Pharma Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2019

The 10 Best Pharma Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2019

Hone Your Marketing Skills with Valuable Blog Take-Aways

There’s no doubt that the pharma marketing industry is in the midst of big change; the gradual move to digital marketing is one that can be confusing and overwhelming – but it’s necessary if marketers want to hone their skills and successfully pitch their product and the brands they represent. One of the most effective ways to up your marketing game is to attend pharma marketing events as often as your busy schedule allows; in the meantime, you can follow these ten bloggers for pharma marketers to continue gaining knowledge when you aren’t at a conference:

  1.       Lisa Jarvis

Lisa Jarvis is a biotech/ pharma reporter and Senior Editor for C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News), an online publication committed to reporting news in science, engineering, and medicine to the public. She is the recipient of several awards and accolades across her career and has written hundreds of articles covering a broad range of pharmaceutical topics and news, from antibody-drug conjugates not quite being smart bombs for cancer to the obstacles cystic fibrosis patients experience – and everything in between. Her interests include drug discovery, rare diseases, R&D, diversity in STEM research, and pharma-academic collaboration. With over 12,000 followers on Twitter alone, you can bet she has plenty to say when it comes to everything from drug price increases to microbes and chemists in industry. Follow Lisa on Twitter and stay updated on her latest findings in pharma by following her on Linkedin.

  1.       John Mack

Known to readers, fans, and industry experts as “The Pharma Guy”, John Mack knows a thing or two about niche marketing for pharma. With thousands of followers on Twitter, it’s clear that his opinions and research are highly valued. With blogs like “5 Strategies to Strengthen Relationships with HCPs” and “Why Has there Been a Drop in FDA Enforcement Activity?”, Mack digs into the nitty gritty of pharmaceuticals, the industry, and the marketing trends that drive its growth. Interested in reading about Insys sales reps rapping in order to boost Fentanyl sales? He’s blogged about that, too. Mack excels at informing with a twist of humor, bringing a breath of fresh air every so often to an otherwise very serious industry. At you can find podcasts, articles, research results, survey profiles, and blogs – a pharma marketers informative paradise. Mack established the Pharma Marketing Network in 2003; the site follows through with his vision of speaking truth to power, asking tough questions, and building a community of conscientious professionals. Keep up with The Pharma Guy on Twitter and at

  1.       Janet M. Kennedy

Janet Kennedy, founding co-partner of the Healthcare Marketing Network, presents inspirational, attention-grabbing prose that features original fresh tips and suggestions, sparking innovative creativity for marketers in healthcare. As a healthcare subject matter aficionado, she understands the need marketers have when it comes to being able to provide high-quality content to connect with everyone from patients to HCPs. Kennedy focuses on business development for the Healthcare Marketing Network and is also host of the “Get Social Health” podcast – and that’s not all. She is the founder of the Get Social Health Academy, which offers workshops, consulting, and online courses in social media for healthcare. She is a member of the External Advisory Board of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network too, so you can bet that if you’re in need of a fresh perspective on all the latest trends in medical social marketing, Janet will do more than deliver. Tune in to her podcast and follow Janet on Twitter to stay ahead of the game and sharpen your skills in the unique spectrum of healthcare social marketing.

  1.       Shwen Gwee

Shwen Gwee is the Founder of PharmFresh.TV and NovartisBiome, in addition to This digital strategy savant is an industry go-to when it comes to biotech, so you can imagine the huge following from the pharma industry he holds. Recognized as a pioneer in social pharma and digital health, he was named a Top 40 Healthcare Transformer by MM&M in 2015 and in 2017, a PR Week Health Influencer 50. Why should you keep up with Gwee’s videos? He’s forged his fame and acumen on the client side of pharma marketing and as you may know, patient centricity is the big buzz word in pharma now. He covers how he has earned and held leading roles in digital strategy and brings a fresh perspective of digital health to pharma. Shwen Gwee speaks often at industry events and sits on the advisory boards for Digital Health Coalition, Google, and SXSW, and has co-chaired Digital Pharma East since 2009. Catch up with Shwen for tips on Foursquare and follow him on Twitter to keep up with all you need to know about pharma social marketing trends and advancement.

  1.       David Chou

David Chou is the CIO for Luye Medical Group and is also the VP Principal Analyst of Constellation Research Inc. in Silicon Valley. He advises several academic medical centers and health start-ups, and is one of the most-often mentioned CIOs in the media today. He’s an active member of HIMSS and ACHE, and serves on the board for CHIME as well. David’s blog covers a broad range of popular topics in healthcare and pharma ranging from telemedicine and removing barriers to access, HCPs encouraging the IoT (Internet of Things), and more. He often recaps crucial summits and pharma marketing events that take place throughout the world, and maintains an impressive following on Twitter as well. It’s clear that Chou is a seasoned vet when it comes to matters of healthcare and pharma, and aspiring marketers will do well to procure tips from this guru.

  1.       Buddy Scalera

Buddy Scalera is a well-known content strategist who specializes in pharma content. He’s a renowned speaker and author, and even writes Marvel Comics. As any well-informed pharma marketer knows, the content presented to HCPs, patients, and other stockholders is what can make or break it for the brand and products you represent. Scalera brings more than 15 years of pharmaceutical multichannel marketing experience to his blogs, and covers everything from mobile marketing strategies, content governance, and social media to vendor management, journalism, and more. He’s also an author of multiple books about visual storytelling. Having launched an award-winning marketing portal on America Online back in the 1990s, he publishes blogs and other works on digital channels that deliver effective resources and health stories for leading brands. If you enjoy podcasts, Scalera has appeared in more than his fair share – he’s the go-to expert for pharma marketers who gain valuable take-aways from his appearances discussing best practices from the Content Marketing World Health Summit, the future of the Internet, brand storytelling, and more. Be sure to keep up with the tremendous insights on pharma marketing content with Buddy Scalera on his website and on Twitter.

  1.       Regina Hall

What better way to stay up to date with pharma marketing developments than by taking in the views of a senior marketing manager for Nuance Health? That is exactly what Regina Hall offers. As a specialist in health marketing in health IT, health analytics, and even medical coding, she’s the Queen Bee of all things pharma when it comes to gaining insight to delivering your message and capturing the attention of even the busiest physicians. Hall takes topics like AI-powered solutions and reinventing the doctor-patient experience to all new levels and brings the most pressing topics to light in new ways all her own. Her original thoughts and ideas are considered earnest, eye-opening, and nothing short of revolutionary. Find and follow Regina Hall on Twitter and become a pharma marketer to be reckoned with.

  1.       Wendy Blackburn

As a leading blogger on critical issues that every pharma marketer should be in tune with, Wendy Blackburn is also the Executive Vice President of the Intouch Group. Leveraging her knack for PR/media relations, social media marketing, digital marketing expertise, and clear communications, she works passionately to share her vast knowledge of the latest pharma news. Interested in the five issues in Washington for Pharma to watch? How about pharma patient support programs? Would it benefit your career as a pharma marketer to take in Blackburn’s thoughts about evolving the healthcare customer experience? To date, Blackburn has published more than 100 blog posts on Intouch Solutions’ website; with the massive following she leads on Twitter, you can bet your marketing plan is missing something if you’re missing her blogs.

  1.       Ryan Billings

Featured in Twitter’s marketing Influencer Q&A in 2015, Ryan Billings is an advocate for the push for social media to play a more active role in healthcare. A firm believer that companies need a social-first mindset, Billings uses his media channels and opportunities to share how pharma companies can use twitter and other platforms for everything from customer support to lead generation. Guiding even global healthcare companies along the way to directly engaging with patients in real time, he shares information on his platforms to discuss using Twitter as more than a news service – he advocates that it must be used as a conversation tool to engage patients. Learn about what Billings knows as the king of pharma marketing on social platforms and find out how social listening is where it all starts as you follow him on Twitter.

  1.   Mike Wood

An avid tech follower and Editor & Portal Business Manager for, Mike Wood shares his secrets about pharmaceutical recruitment online at Whether you’re struggling with a disengaged workforce or you’re searching for details on if fully graphical emails are good for anything, Mike Wood is the man to go to. Book reviews, opinion columns, factual research, and more from Wood provide literally thousands of hours packed with tips, advice, and take-aways that any good pharma marketer or recruiter needs to soak up. Up-to-the-Minute information on everything from key risks to the pharma sector to why marketers aren’t hearing back from any jobs can all be diagnosed and treated thanks to Mike Woods and his platform publications. Follow Mike on Twitter and at his blog’s website now to lift your credentials to new levels.

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