9 Pharma Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

9 Pharma Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

Stay Ahead of Competitors and Up Your Game with Digital Marketing

Savvy pharma marketing pros know all too well that to stay ahead of competitors in the pharmaceutical market, you need tools that will ultimately assist you in promoting new products and improving brand awareness and loyalty. You want to successfully differentiate your brand from all the others, and you’re going to need the top marketing tools to do it.

Following are nine fantastic pharma marketing tools no marketer should be without:

  1.   Salesforce

Did you know that almost 70% of doctors prefer to receive information from pharma reps through email? In order to localize successfully without sacrificing global recognition, you need to be able to automate emails to drive success; however, adding even just a few features to an existing email can quickly become a cumbersome task that requires big budgets and tons of coding. Salesforce is a solution that can cover all stages of email campaigns, from start to finish. Created especially for pharma marketing, it can create more than just emails, too, including websites, e-detailers, and more in a multichannel aspect.

  1.   Trello

Project management: Pharma reps already know they cannot do their jobs without it. If you find yourself constantly wishing you could deliver projects much faster than you currently are, Trello may be just what you need. Trello is a project organizer with a visual board that helps pharma marketers collaborate effectively with stakeholders, deliver flawless campaigns, and keep tasks organized to help you handle even the most challenging aspects of the job, like increased visibility, simplified workload, and quick access to files. Give Trello a try.

  1.   HubSpot

Marketing automation has a key player on the field that provides relief from all the repetitive tasks that are a huge part of any pharma marketer’s day: HubSpot. Maintain long-term customer engagement and build experiences with relevant and helpful content with HubSpot; this way, there is no need to try to constantly attract the same customers again and again. Don’t use multiple apps and programs with separate integrations; instead, HubSpot is an all-in-one digital solution that is ideal for brand growth. It gives access to everything you need all in one place for effective marketing campaigns. You can access services, software, and 24/7 support when you need to check the health of an email campaign, track website efficiency, or anything else.

  1.   eWizard

Every pharma company in the industry wants to expand its impact on the global market – but it takes smart localization to connect your brand to new markets. eWizard allows you to localize effectively and within your budget by building multichannel communication with 100% content reuse and localizing your presentations in HTML5 format. Check out eWizard and save time and effort previously wasted on detailing content in your social media, website landing pages, and emails.

  1.   Remote Detailer

Digital communication is perhaps the number one most important aspect of virtual care and for pharma marketing reps, it’s all about convenience. Waiting to hear from HCPs can often seem futile; however, thanks to Remote Detailer, you can reach your audience without taking away their time – and doctors are more receptive when they don’t have others controlling their schedules. Can you imagine the benefits of having the opportunity to guide your audience through key points of your presentations remotely and interactively? Follow-up emails can be sent directly to the audience afterwards that contain the discussed data – this means you’ll also have the benefit of recorded, stored, and retrievable sessions at your fingertips. Be sure to check out Viseven Remote Detailer.

  1.   Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM is a major pharma marketing tool that optimizes the customer experience for field and sales forces with advanced functionalities. Stay engaged with your customers via the channel you choose, and reap the benefits of automatic content publishing. You’ll be in full control of the entire digital aspect spectrum and achieve a full view of all of your customer data with a CRM that can analyze, sore, track, and access data for you. Give Veeva CRM a try and see what you’ve been missing with pharmaceutical CRM software at its best.

  1.   SEMRush

Search engine optimization (SEO) metrics gives pharma marketers the ability to manage SEO processes of their marketing campaigns, which would otherwise be a difficult part of the job. Competitive research is the name of the game, and SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing suite with benefits like Google Analytics for Competitors, which reveals data from customers’ browsing histories. Keep track of competitors’ websites effectiveness with SEMRush and use it to increase the efficiency of your own site.

  1.   Messengers, QR Codes, and Mobile Apps

The ability to talk to patients in any location in the world is paramount for the healthcare industry these days – and customers use online platforms, messengers and mobile apps to approach pharma communities directly. Remote care via these apps and messengers provides an easy way to become familiar with the happenings of a medicine space, make digital participation with communities possible, and enables hotlines for customer service to be available 24/7. Chatbots on your website can also provide your clients a way to contact you when they need to. Whether you use Facebook, Messenger, a text message service, or all of the above, keep in mind that sending QR codes are an easy, fast way to send data to those you need to contact; you can send emails, texts, images, videos, and more this way.

  1.   Cloud Solutions and Analytical Services

Two of the major drivers for improving the power of pharma marketing are cloud-based computing and comprehensive analytics. Today, the demand for both has increased, and pharma marketers must be prepared to predict the behavioral patterns of their audiences. As for cloud solutions, research shows that by next year, most of the pharma industry will be harnessing a public, private, or a hybrid cloud-based computing solution. Need one to try? Give Liberty, PioneerRx, PrimeCare, or Datascan a shot.

The digital age has forever changed the way people interact with pharmaceutical-related information; people are precise, they are eager, and are competent and tech-savvy. Stay one step ahead of the crowd and implement the latest pharma marketing tools into your mindset and focus channel-centric thinking toward scalability, a personalized approach, and agility in marketing to avoid getting left behind.

Looking for more information on the latest advancements in pharma marketing? Attend an industry conference near you; reserve your seat today, as these events always fill up quickly.


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