5 Reasons You Should Consider Converting to an eTMF System

5 Reasons You Should Consider Converting to an eTMF System

Have you been considering switching your TMF to an eTMF system? Below are five reasons why converting could be a good fit for you and your team.

  1. Increase Productivity
    Maintaining a physical TMF document is costly and labor-intensive. Converting to an eTMF allows for a single centralized interface for all TMF management which cuts back on hours spent locating, identifying, organizing, and reading physical documents, thus increasing productivity.
  2. Maintain Inspection Readiness 
    Physical files can easily become unorganized. By keeping documents electronically and in one centralized location, auditors can easily find what they need during an inspection.
  3. View and Track Documents in Real-Time 
    Using an eTMF system will allow streamlined reporting on each item as contributors are able to provide status updates for each document individually and in real-time. This again, cuts back on time spent trying to wrangle files together.
  4. Improve SOP Compliance 
    Implementing an eTMF significantly improves the timeliness of TMF compilation as well as the tracking and accountability of content, which are the two main problem areas for TMF SOP Compliance.
  5. Enhance Visibility of Key Trial Performance Metrics 
    When using an eTMF,  you can easily extract key information from any document within the system. This allows for more informed and data-driven decisions.

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