5 of the Best Video Marketing Tips for Pharma Marketers

5 of the Best Video Marketing Tips for Pharma Marketers

Improving Results with Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is one of the most popular ways of sharing information with your target audience. Whether you are trying to convey information in an innovative way or you are simply interested in the possibility of using videos in your marketing arsenal, it is important to know how you can make videos that will reach your audience in a way that will give them the information they need and also help your brand. Following are five tried and true tips for your pharma marketing videos.

  1. Promote

Arguably one of the most difficult parts of creating a video is promoting it. The goal here is to get as many eyes on your video as you can but unfortunately, it may not be enough. The hard truth is that you could have a wonderful, informational video and unless you promote yourself and the video well, not many people are going to become aware of it.

Begin by deciding what your best performing channel is. It could be your portals, emails, LinkedIn, or your pharma company website. Whichever channel receives the most engagement is where your video should be, to start out with. This ensures that there are as many eyes on your video as possible.

A popular question is: Where is the best place on my page, email, LinkedIn, etc. to put my video? For an email, you can insert your video so that it potentially leads physicians to your company’s website, or so that the video plays directly in the email. For LinkedIn, to get maximum reach and exposure, you can do a paid promotion. Otherwise, you can embed and share the videos within informational content. As for websites, it is a good idea to place the video on relevant landing pages or directly on your homepage. Placing the video in these locations will make sure your video gets the most traction.

  1. Keep the Story Interesting

What is the message you are trying to send to your audience? Are you informing physicians about new products that have been or will be released? Shedding light on new research results? Are you launching a new product? Determining what it is that you want to convey the most to your audience is a crucial step for the development of your video.

One complaint that is heard the most from physicians is that the information pharma marketing content contains is information that is redundant. Making sure your content and information is fresh, concise, and up to date can help ensure that more HCPs will watch them and engage with them.

  1.   Have the Work Done by a Professional

Video marketing is still a relatively new type of marketing. This means that although you may have phenomenal digital marketing team members, they may not have the capacity or experience to create dynamic, effective videos for pharma marketing. No matter the budget, a standard marketing team may not be able to do tasks such as voice-overs, script creation, and animation. Regularly attending various pharma conferences is a great help when it comes to finding out more information on where you can go or who you can talk to regarding creating your pharma marketing videos.

It is always a better idea to have your pharma marketing video done by professionals with experience and specific skills in video marketing. This ensures your video has the quality and impact on your target audience for which you intended.

  1.   Use Calls to Action (CTAs)

Getting a physician to take action after watching your video is the end goal; when an HCP moves on the product, they are interested in your brand and what you have to offer. How can you get physicians to do this after watching your video?

CTAs (Calls to Action) are marketing tips that call for the reader or viewer to do something that brings them a step closer to your brand. This could be imploring them to subscribe to a newsletter or something a s simple as requesting a reprint. It can literally be anything that invites them to take further action with their interest in the product.

What can be slightly difficult is knowing where to put your CTA. Most CTAs can be found at the end of the video because your CTA will be the last thing they hear. While this is a smart idea, the end of the video is where their attention is also the lowest. And what if they don’t watch to the end? To combat this, you could use CTAs in the middle and even the beginning of your video. Doing so will sacrifice the flow of the video slightly, but you will gain better results and engagement.

  1.   Mind the Time

One of the most difficult things about pharma marketing is that you have no control over how long someone spends viewing your content. Internet users can have very short attention spans, so it is important for you to do all you can to make sure you deliver the best information in a way that keeps viewers interested. Being concise, yet still thorough, is the key. There are a couple things you can do:

  •         Share your most important piece of data from your publication almost immediately. Placing this at the beginning of the video will spike the physician’s interest early on. Make sure the data you are sharing is new and it is mentioned within the first 20 seconds or so of the video. Keeping them engaged means they will be more inclined to stay for the entirety of the video.
  •          Your video needs to be right to the point. This means that you cannot have a video that is twenty or more minutes. Why? Because physicians are incredibly busy, and they can’t afford to watch a video that long. They’ll dismiss it quickly if they don’t see the video’s value right away.

Making a video for your target audience is no easy task, but when it’s done right, the ROI can be immeasurable. There are many factors to consider and plenty of things to keep in mind; attending pharma conferences can give you more information about how you should structure your pharma marketing videos for the best results.


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