5 Best Blockchain Blog Posts from 2019

5 Best Blockchain Blog Posts from 2019

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As blockchain in healthcare infiltrates the industry at a record pace, more sources of information about it pop up on the Internet. It can easily become a challenge to navigate through the thousands of blogs out there that are dedicated to blockchain technology – and when you narrow your search parameters even further to include blockchain in healthcare, finding the information you need can seem daunting, at best.

To help you navigate through all the content out there and zero in on information about blockchain in healthcare, we collected a short list of five excellent blog posts from 2019 to help you get started:

  1.       IBM Blockchain Pulse’s “What Are the Use Cases for Blockchain Tech in Healthcare?”

It’s well-known that IBM is a key player when it comes to tech in healthcare, and the IBM Blockchain Blog offers a nice package filled with current news, ideas, and developments not just with blockchain in the healthcare world, but also in other industries as well. It’s a useful source of interviews, stories, opinions, and news from blockchain communities both within IBM and outside of it. Discussion includes how blockchain technology is changing the world and impacting networks in business – including in healthcare, transaction workflows, and more. Be sure to check out the blog “What Are the Use Cases for Blockchain Tech in Healthcare?” while you’re visiting the site. While it was published in December of 2018, the discussion that has erupted from the dynamic post continues strong well into the second half now of 2019. This has been a big year for drug traceability and the new FDA programs to combat counterfeit drugs, and this blog post dives into an excellent wealth of information about the problem and how blockchain can help.

  1.       BitDegree Tutorials’ “Blockchain Explained: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding How Blockchain Works”

Acclaimed as the world’s first blockchain-based education platform with talent networking and token scholarships, BitDegree Tutorials has amassed almost 80,000 Facebook followers and almost 20,000 followers on Twitter. Its blog is packed with plenty of blockchain information relating to healthcare, as well as dozens of other industries. The post Blockchain Explained: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding How Blockchain Works is one of its crowning achievements. You’ll also find posts that cover the ins and outs of investing in blockchain, 20 blockchain certification and job interview questions you need to know, and even one about finding a good, secure wallet for storing cryptocurrency. Since it was just updated on July 5, 2019, it’s definitely a current piece of content that will bring you up to speed with the very latest tips for the taking. After all, blockchain mechanics is every bit as applicable in healthcare as it is in other industries and to see its value in healthcare, you must be sure you understand how blockchain works at a fundamental level.

  1.       Google News’ “Blockchain Use in Global Healthcare Market to Surpass $1.7B by 2026”

If you haven’t bookmarked Google News’ blog as one of your favorites, run – don’t walk – and do so. Why? Specifically speaking, if you’ve been searching for information on the value of blockchain tech in the healthcare market, this blog post is a great place to start. Freshly written on July 17, 2019, the post covers how blockchain application in healthcare has skyrocketed in the past few years, and it discusses the global factors that contribute to that growth. Breaking down the healthcare markets across the globe by regions, “Blockchain Use in Global Healthcare Market to Surpass $1.7B by 2026” cites plenty of reports and additional resources to keep you on the trail to discovering the most current developments when it comes to blockchain in healthcare. While you’re on the Google blog site, you can also browse blogs discussing blockchain in carsharing, data science, McDonald’s, the telecom industry, and the list goes on. Google, perhaps not surprisingly, is one of the best sources for all things blockchain.

  1.       Blockchain Healthcare Review’s “Just Around the Healthcare Block”

The name of the website says it all, and the contributors of Blockchain Healthcare Review don’t mess around. Those who are looking for information about anything having to do with blockchain tech and healthcare need to subscribe to this blog, which covers topics from blockchain innovation in healthcare and blockchain in genomics to blockchain in public health and far more than we could ever summarize here. The feature interviewJust Around the Healthcare Block is where you want to start; Hermann Kamp, CEO of ClinicAll, discusses the emerging healthcare landscape and what it means for the future of blockchain-based healthcare solutions.  Find out what Kamp believes will play a major role in data transfer and what will be needed in order to deploy effective blockchain-based solutions.

  1.       Coin Weez’s “Blockchain Technology: Creating Ripples in BFSI Sector”

Coin Weez is a favorite source of information for blockchain enthusiasts across several industries, including those in healthcare. Its blog “Blockchain Technology: Creating Ripples in BFSI Sector” is a lovely, hefty piece that discusses things like IBM’s diversification strategy and how it impacts the Corda Healthcare Community, how early blockchain adaptation in the U.S. has powered its growth, and some of the reasons why blockchain technology is so advantageous to the industries that use it. As multiple industries, including the healthcare sector, leverage its capacity, blockchain tech continues to push the boundaries of novelty across the globe in businesses in a multitude of markets. Be sure to read up on the impact of blockchain tech in industries like healthcare with this fantastic post written on July 17, 2019 from Coin Weez.

For more up-to-the-minute news and information on blockchain in healthcare, you’ll also want to be sure to attend industry summits, conferences, and seminars as they happen in your area. Attending is a great way to keep your professional skills honed in between blog readings.


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