10 Pharma Influencers You Should be Following on Twitter

10 Pharma Influencers You Should be Following on Twitter

Hone your Pharma Marketing Skills by Following the Greats

  1.       Vas Narasimhan @VasNarasimhan

As the Chief Executive Officer of Novartis, Vasant Narasimhan holds an inspirational passion for health care that is very easy to spot; he has worked on public health issues with many NGOs in India, Africa, and South America before joining Novartis. There, he served public- and private-sector clients on health care engagements. His powerful views and passionate insights give a fresh energy to the pharma and healthcare industries, and he inspires influencers around the globe with his views on leadership, sustainable policy solutions, and the roles that pharma companies (including Novartis) need to play in giving back to society. Keep up with Vas Narasimhan and his ideas on pricing, access, engaging physicians and patients, and even major global health challenges by following him on Twitter.

  1.       Chris Iafolla @ChrisIafolla

A digital and social media healthcare leader for Marina Maher Communications, Chris Iafolla has amassed an impressive following on Twitter. With a focus on the healthcare industry and integrated communications, this pharma marketing exec has plenty of experience developing global marketing strategies at brand and corporate level for Fortune 11 pharmaceutical companies. In addition, Iafolla has experience in categories like diabetes, oncology, women’s health, men’s health, rare diseases, mental health, and oncology. He’s responsible for the evolution of service and growth at Marina Maher, bringing new and innovative capabilities to its roster of healthcare clients. Stay ahead of emerging trends in the healthcare and pharma industries by accessing powerful take-aways as a follower of Chris Iafolla on Twitter.

  1.       Andrew Grojean @andrewgrojean

Andrew Grojean is the Senior Manager of Innovation for a pharma marketing agency in Kansas City, MO. As a specialist in healthcare marketing, his main focus is developing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence for the pharma industry. Always at the forefront of progress in pharma, Andrew’s expertise with social media marketing has been highlighted on Mashable, CNN, and many healthcare industry publications. In 2015, he was named Medical Marketing and Media’s Young Marketer of the Year and in early 2019, he was the recipient of the SMCKC Trailblazer of the Year award. With an amazing 6,266 followers on Twitter, it’s easy to see that when Grojean has something to say, the pharma marketing industry listens. Follow along with Andrew Grojean on Twitter and gain powerful insight into how to help your highly regulated pharma company use disruptive technologies to achieve its marketing goals.

  1.       John Baresky @JohnGBaresky

With ample experience in pharma marketing management, pharmacy benefit management, digital strategy, and health services marketing (to name just a few), John Baresky is the king of healthcare marketing leadership success. He leads through collaboration, customer engagement, revenue goal achievement, and future-focused strategy, making him the highly recognized industry guru he’s become today. With almost 4,500 followers on Linkedin and over 2,700 on Twitter, Baresky has accrued a following comprised of software techs, pharma marketers, healthcare strategists, and dozens more. If you’re looking to round out your knowledge base, be sure to follow John Baresky and stay updated on all the most pressing pharma issues as they develop.

  1.       Brad Pendergraph @bradatpharma

Social digital powerhouse Brad Pendergraph has been in the pharma industry since 1991, and has worked with domestic and international markets in the U.S. Just one of his many claims to fame is that he’s developed sales force sizing and structuring tools, automated reporting tools, and has authored procedures and add-ins for the intent of removing low-value work from projects. If that’s not impressive already, Pendergraph also was a consultant to teams that created the Novartis Social Media Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures. After working in pharma on the industry side for over two decades, he transitioned to agencies, to which he provided data visualization using social digital network data sources, integrations of real-world health care provider data, analyses of social digital influencers, and more. Enjoy his unique wit and clever humor for a fresh alternative on pharma info delivery. Follow Brad on Twitter and find him on Linkedin as well.

  1.       Dave deBronkart @ePatientDave

With an unbelievable 39,000+ followers on Twitter, Dave deBronkart leads the universe when it comes to patient advocacy. As the author of “Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook”, he is considered the leading voice of patient centricity today. deBronkart is an international patient engagement activist who brings the biggest issues in pharma to the table with a clear, concise voice mixed in with just enough familiar content to present his ideas in ways that are easy to digest. Dave’s website, e-Patient Dave.com, showcases his books he has authored, articles in peer-reviewed journals and health-related blogs and publications, as well as books he has co-authored. Browse his vast and impressive collection and be sure to follow Dave deBronkart on Twitter to engage in a continuous feed of valuable information about patient engagement for the pharma world.

  1.       Joan Mikardos @jmikardos

Joan Mikardos is the Senior Director at Sanofi U.S. and is a self-proclaimed digital and social evangelist within healthcare. With an uncanny knack of being able to combine traditional and new media with her experience, she brings a unique perspective in digital innovations for communications in healthcare. She has worked on both the agency and client sides for various industries and has led the media planning for McNeil Consumer Healthcare, piloted a new media mix for the company’s brands with technology testing, and then jumped to pharma in 2007. Mikardos is well-known for her dedication and reliability, and is the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades. Her profound impact on pharma and its patients fuels her drive to continue to transform as new technologies develop. Be sure to follow Mikardos on Twitter to stay in the loop of healthcare and pharma technology and her progression as a dynamic pharma influencer.

  1.       Elliott Berger @elliottberger

As the Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategy at Catalent Pharma Solutions, Elliott Berger is an uncontested king of pharma influencers. With more than 4,000 tweets under his belt, he’s a consistent wealth of valuable information for those looking for a solid feed covering all the latest news and developments in the industry. He’s a founding board member of the Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute, which was established to improve patient outcomes through academic and industry collaboration. Previously, he was Vice President of Marketing for the Innovation Group at Johnson & Johnson and was responsible for introducing new product launches. He also was Global Group Product Director for the company and led marketing and media innovation and digital strategy for Johnson & Johnson. Having plenty of experience leading emerging markets’ growth strategies, he specializes in creative and energetic global marketing, strategy, product development, and customer experience management. If you’re searching for a consistent source of influential pharma news, ideas, and tips, be sure to follow Elliott Berger on Twitter and on Linkedin.

  1.       Eileen O’Brien @EileenOBrien

With more than 20 years of digital marketing experience in healthcare across a wide variety of therapeutic areas, Eileen O’Brien brings a seasoned, yet fresh, voice to pharma issues. She has focused her talents and expertise on social media since 2010 and has supported the launches and management of branded, corporate, and disease awareness social channels for dozens of medical device and biopharmaceutical clients. As a dynamic pharma influencer, O’Brien has collaborated on strategy, content creation, social media policies and processes, paid media, and building influencer relationships. Eileen O’Brien is well-known in the pharma world as a leader who guides clients to engage in innovative and compliant ways, thanks to her profound knowledge of the FDA and FTC social media regulations. In addition, she founded and moderated the #SocPharm Twitter chat on pharma marketing and social media. Need another reason to follow Eileen O’Brien? She has also been named as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Healthcare Tweeters. Follow Eileen O’Brien now to guarantee that you always have information from the voice of a top authority in pharma at your fingertips.

  1.   Alexandra Fulford @pharmaguapa

Alexandra Fulford is a digital and social media strategy expert who specializes in the pharmaceutical industry. From social media processes to strategy and implementation, her expertise shines across several sub-areas of the pharma industry, and she is also a strong proponent of patient advocacy. In addition, Fulford plays an active role as a Hashimoto’s patient, where she shares support and resources with other patients. She speaks fluent French, Spanish, and German, in addition to basic Mandarin. If you’re interested in cross-cultural pharma topics, she’s your gal to follow. Fulford has extensive experience working with pharma companies including Astra Zeneca, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Novartis, Merck Serono, Sanofi, and others. Her projects have included developing and running digital and social media training programs and workshops, developing cross-functional local-to-global implementation processes and strategies, and more; her passion lies with pharmaceutical digital strategy and marketing. Specifically, she is focused on how the industry can use social media and new digital technologies in order to positively impact patients’ lives. Follow Alexandra Fulford and her blog, and be sure to become a follower of hers on Twitter.

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